An educational technology studio
Education is important
annual education spending in the U.S.
"Human history becomes more and more a race between education and catastrophe."
H.G. Wells
Education is broken
in student loan debt
"The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education."
Albert Einstein
Distribution is the problem
"Who else are you working with?"
[Great products never see success because it's so hard to make the right relationships.]
Product is the problem
"Students aren't consumers so their needs aren't considered."
[The state of the art in education products is stuck in 1999.]
Our relationships
[Every company we create has the advantage of this foundation.]
Our companies
[We find the best people for the best ideas and make them real. Rinse, repeat.]
What we believe: 12 themes
  • 1
    Education is an investment, but most US consumers view it as an expense.
  • 2
    EdTech companies are unlike consumer internet or enterprise companies; investor expectations are misaligned.
  • 3
    Many offer great educations, but top universities’ biggest value is name brand recognition and its associated marketplace signaling.
  • 4
    People learn by doing and even better by playing.
  • 5
    Opt-in (vs. opt-out) institutions are more motivated to improve student performance and efficiency.
  • 6
    “Success” requires a baseline of intelligence and a hell of a lot of grit.
  • 7
    Quality education will never be 100% virtual.
  • 8
    The number of international students studying in the US will increase by 3x over the next decade.
  • 9
    Low cost, disruptive educational models are likely to start outside of the US.
  • 10
    As schools fail to properly train the future workforce, employers will increasingly move downstream.
  • 11
    Bureaucracy impedes progress; comprehensive stakeholder involvement is paramount.
  • 12
    Accreditation is broken and stymies innovative educational models.
Meet the team
Paul Freedman is a founding partner and CEO.

A longtime advocate for the transformative power of a college education, Paul has founded, managed, and invested in several successful education ventures. Most recently, Paul was the Founder & CEO of Altius Education, an innovator in higher education focused on creating effective, personalized pathways to postsecondary degrees.

Paul grew up immersed in the world of higher education. With two parents who worked at top academic institutions, he spent the majority of his upbringing on a college campus and gained a unique perspective on the structure and nuances of the traditional university experience. While still finishing college at the University of Chicago, Paul created Academic Engine, a college recruitment technology company that he later sold to Hobsons Inc. in 2004. After selling the company, Paul joined Hobsons as the president of its subsidiary focused on online student recruitment technologies where he served for five years prior to founding Altius.

Jason Sanders is a founding partner and COO.

Jason combines his operating and investing experience with his passion for educational technology companies. He has run operations for companies of various sizes including Couchsurfing (the world’s largest social travel network with 7MM members) and Fifteen Group ($600MM in real estate assets and 300+ employees).

Jason has extensive venture capital experience, including seven years with Crosslink Capital (a leading stage-independent firm with over $1.5 billion in assets), where he was a partner focused on business and consumer services. Prior to Crosslink, he was an Associate with Advent International, a global private equity firm. After receiving a BS in Economics from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, Jason focused on re-engineering operations of major public and private companies as a management consultant with CSC Index. He is an active investor and advisor to numerous private companies.

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